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I Love big showy bouquets at the moment, organically styled with a natural mix of colours and textures and Emmas bridal bouquet shown on once wed is GORGEOUS!

A beautiful mix of what could include seeded eucalyptus, ferns, lilac,babys breath, echeveria, Lisianthus, ranunculus, veronica….


and wait until you see the bridesmaids!

You all know i am a sucker for mismatched and this gets me on that one. But it is the simplicity, size and styling of the girls bouquets that allows Emmas bridal bouquet to remain the clear focal point despite being much more subtle in colouring.

Looks like a cute mix of seeded eucalyptus, burplerum, ranunculus, hypernicum, fern and succulents. The girls different brightly coloured dresses all seem to show of the simple bouquets differently.

Now i have shown off her beautiful bridal bouquets….a quick look at the rest of her floral/plant styling!

From the photos it looks like Emma put a real focus on the big bouquets by keeping all other florals to a minimum. Nothing for the man, and her centrepieces were a simple grouping of cactus plants paired with some cute decorative tiles and perfect table cards.

…..and the moss table for the seating cards fits perfectly within the theme and looks so lush and unique!!!!

If you cant afford or dont want the whole wedding overflowing with flowers, perhaps Emmas idea of choosing a focus is the way to go. (And what better way than putting the money into the bridal bouquet?! I mean it will be in every photo and with you when everyone sees you for the very first time!) That way, it wont look like you have spread the money thin in the floral decor department and people will always remember and talk about the amazing statement that you made with your beautiful big bouquet!


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This little beauty is a humble edition to any arrangement. It never tries to steal the spotlight but in my opinion does so much to enhance the look.

Scabiosa lends itself well to natural themes and being in season during spring and summer it pairs as beautifully with pastelly coloured fluffy flowers as it does natural tones and a more rustic or whimsical look.

Flores Del Sol & JL Designs

The bouquet features echeveria succulents, Champagne and Metallina roses, scabiosa pods, smoke bush, unripe blackberries, and peach hypericum made by housemartin,  and the gorgeous hairpiece seen on Brooklyn Bride

This bouquet freshens things up using peach calla lilies, pink roses, fiddlehead ferns, scabiosa pods and more, by Branch Out Floral and Event Design in San Francisco.

image found via brushfire photography

by finch and thistle

this happy wedding  and its bouquet I found at Calie Rose

bouquet bouquet

these couple of images below from designs by audrey are just beautiful!!

and some more cute boutenneires…

The above image includes white and yellow ranunculus, beige scabiosa pods, white lisianthus, yellow billy balls and gray dusty miller I found on bouquet bridal

This one below from sweet pea floral is so colourful and stunning…I had to give it two images!!! I love that thank’s to a brides relaxed vision, the designer was free to collect the most charismatic flowers from the market.  Orange dahlia, coral zinnia, fuchsia anemone, purple sweet pea, red cockscomb, red and green ranunculus, scabiosa pods, english lavender, and veronica. LOVE IT!!!

simple classic combination of dusty miller, ivory roses and scabiosa pods. found here

found at love & lavender

found here

unruly things

Scabiosa is not the star of the show…but sure is one hell of  support act with so many different styles!!!

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I obvviously have a thing for large flowers at the moment but lately I have been loving the huge Dinner plate dahlias in the cooler!

I used them this week for a feminine arrangement….

So how about using these as a wedding flower?

Here I was thinking they would be too big and delicate but I was overwhelmed with the array of amazing bouquets out there…I think I have a new flower crush!

Here are some amazing bouquets sourced for yours (and mine) viewing pleasure!


vineyard gazette


This beautiful bouquet used dinner plate dahlia, scabiosa, tweedia, and delphinium …all wrapped in natural twine! I found this simple beauty at the floral lab

The next few images I found via Lovely little details blog….(on a side note, this is a great little site to explore)

Yumiko Fletcher of Hana floral design created this stunning bouquet.  The bride was so smitten with her bouquet!  It is a lovely little post on sparkle and hay that shows how much your bouquet can add to your whole day and experience!

The dahlia caters to a bide who prefers a clean, classic white look…but still wnats to stand out from the crowd. The flowers above found at Elizabeth Ann design blog

the bouquet in the images above are designed by the talented little floral team at poppies and posies

…and I normally dont like long trailing things coming out of a bouquet! but this bouquet by Martha Andrews just makes my heart swoon!

I lOVE the work by la partie events…and she has not let me down with the dinner plate dahlia bouquet! This girl is forever a source of inspiration to me

So there you have it…The feminine yet still so funky Dinner plate dahlia.

I could keep going on forever but I think it is a becoming a little obsessive this sifting through so many gorgeous images of dinner plate dahlias…I have to stop somewhere! I focussed only on the bouquets this time but dont you worry…I will be back looking at them in many other aspects of a wedding…sigh they are so delightful

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A scent is a magical thing, its has an a ability to allow me to time travel back into a place from my childhood, or to last week or even bring my late mother back for a second when I catch a whiff of her favourite perfume. I would like to think that at my wedding there will be a pleasant scent, hopefully common, but distinctive enough that when someone catches it, they are reminded of the fun night celebrating our special day.

I like the idea of eucalyptus leaves on the dance floor….(I am Australian so these are easy to get, free and so much a part of home)…so as people carve it up on the dance floor, the scent fills the air…. Also throwing dried scented leaves or flowers instead of confetti would be perfect out an outdoor wedding.

Herbs would also be an easy way to add a scent to the day. Rosemary, mint, lemon grass…all would work great. Another lovely herb could be lavender, I just came across some images this afternoon from Polkadotbride.com

Alot of dried lavender bouquets I have seen, have a very straight up and down look. This can look ok, but personally, with dried lavender, I prefer a chunkier bridal bouquet just because the flowers are so delicate. The way some of the flower springs poke outwards and weep a little in the above image, also gives the bouquet some softness and movement usually lacking from a lavender bouquet.

Here is a couple of images I found of dried lavender boutonnieres…. love the simplicity, but i do think if your guys are large or are wearing black suits (which most do!), the lavender could get lost…I think I would add a backing of some sort to make it stand out more. The top bout, does that with a little piece of dusty miller.

These mini lavender table settings are cute too! If you stuck two pins on it everyone would get their own corsage two! (just take care no pins get left on the plates!)Below is a couple of images showing dried lavender as chair ties and mixed with purple hydrangea in pew markers

 There is just so many possibilities to the idea of making your wedding more that just sight and sound but also scent! I hope you enjoyed my quick sampling of using dried lavender… but just imagine the possibilities with everyother type of scented flowers/ foliage out there!!

Oh, and why not send everyone home with their own scented herb plant at the end of the night….? so simple, so lovely!

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I had never encountered this flower back in oz, but here in Canada, they are everywhere at this time of year and can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

The bigger the better….actually….the small ones are just as scrumptious! They look great alone, and look amazing mixed with other richer or softer coloured flowers. The only downer might be the slightly onion smell they can emit (well, you have to forgive them since they are a member of the onion family!)

So I am talking about the Allium. The name “Allium” actually refers to the genus of plants that includes onions, garlic, chives, leeks, and ramps.

source: karaandgroomzilla

The cut flower varieties include Bullet or drumstick allium (Allium Sphaerocephalon) – small, with about 1″ balls of flowers. The real eye catcher is  Globemaster (Allium giganteum), they can grow three to four feet tall with blossoms as large as 14 inches. (typically 5″ diameter blooms)

Globemaster allium are available in Canada from late May into June (late spring early summer), incidentally at the same time as peonies, which are a great companion for this flower!!…Exhibit A…….

So how does this whimsical fella look like in a bridal bouquet?

well for starters it look fabulous on its on as a statement (source) or maybe for your flower girls as a ‘wand’?

at this blog, the bride loves it for its scented addition to her bouquet

Or, you might like the significance that it is a vegetable…here is gorgeous mixed bouquet with all the flowers  from the vegetable family (for all you ‘foodie’ couples out there!)

And what about those arrangements? Allium are fun, whimsical and on their own can look architectural.

source: blueskyflowers

source: karaandgroomzilla
This next one would look lovely either side of the bride and groom for a ceremony.

Just for something different I saw these ball of loveliness hung from strings at one event and it looks amazing….also just as fun, placing them in test tubes so they last that little bit longer …..


….for a corporate event they are striking….

and one more inspiration…these allium inspired cute invites for a wedding by Two For Joy Paper.

Although purple is the predominant colour, the range of colors is choice, from true blue, dark purple, pink, and white. They can last more than two weeks if you use floral preservative and change the water every few days.


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I MUST share this one with you….

This is from a stunner of a wedding featured on stylemepretty.

As much as I love this, I am not sure I could pull it off , but wow…I have a friend who this would be perfect for!!

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We had a crazy bride at the shop today…without going into details, she was seeing a sample centre piece and was driving us crazy. Her look was very romantic and country garden but there was one flower she could not get her head around. Celosia.

Now I do love this flower, for its vibrancy (you cant beat its range of jewel tones!), its uniqueness and longevity. But, it is VERY different and some people just dont get it. So I thought I would throw out some fun bouquets and arrangements using this particular flower and you can make your own mind up!

First up is this wedding stunner I found on  blog called french bouquet. This wedding is rustic, vintage and has so many elements I totally want in my wedding as well. But I am staying focused!!! So celosia ….here are a few select images of this flower at this stunning event…

the sign is heaven….and check out the pew markers…sigh…

I think the colours of this event would translate so well to an Australian wedding too!

Anyway, next is an image of a vibrant bridal bouquet incorporating lime green celosia…found at bumble bee landing

I found this delightful image here. I think these could make cute bridesmaid bouquets for a quirky wedding, although i would probably let the roses blow open a little more…I am not a fan of bullet roses!!

I am also not a fan of yellow and red flowers together…but…somehow this one below by lisa foster works!

This fun mini bouquet is by sweetwater…

And for you girlie/country wedding folk, this bouquet  (source) and bout. fit the bill

And I know you were all thinking it…this flower looks like coral! well, this floral designer takes this thought literally for an interesting take on table arrangements.I wouldn’t personally make these, but I like the idea of perhaps using this concept on mass in a much larger vase for a suitable corporate or themed event….I think that would look stunning

Now I just have to share this one too…CHECK OUT THIS CAKE!!!! wow wow wow is all I can say about those beautiful flowers (source)

Similarly, a tight group like this one below, would make a sweet cake topper

So if you are smitten with this flower here is a bit more info…. Its vase life is nice and long, anywhere between 5 to 14 days and can be dried. It has no fragrance and is thought to symbol humor, warmth and silliness.

This flower has appeared in our store already, so i would put its availability anywhere between late June to mid October in Canada. Back home in Australia, all my sources show it is available year round (mainly grown in Victoria, NSW and QLD)…I might have to look into that one!

Well, publicly the jury is out on this flower, but hopefully this post has shown you that it is beautiful and despite the angry bride that hated it today…i think it has its rightful place in a wedding too!

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