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My guy and I have been missing Australia today.

Kind of inevitable when you live on the other side of the world, so when I saw this lovely bouquet by Botanica floral design I had to share it.

The gumnuts (a typical Australian seed pod) look gorgeous coupled with fragrant double paperwhites, kumquats on the vine, and other seasonal botanicals.


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I had never encountered this flower back in oz, but here in Canada, they are everywhere at this time of year and can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

The bigger the better….actually….the small ones are just as scrumptious! They look great alone, and look amazing mixed with other richer or softer coloured flowers. The only downer might be the slightly onion smell they can emit (well, you have to forgive them since they are a member of the onion family!)

So I am talking about the Allium. The name “Allium” actually refers to the genus of plants that includes onions, garlic, chives, leeks, and ramps.

source: karaandgroomzilla

The cut flower varieties include Bullet or drumstick allium (Allium Sphaerocephalon) – small, with about 1″ balls of flowers. The real eye catcher is  Globemaster (Allium giganteum), they can grow three to four feet tall with blossoms as large as 14 inches. (typically 5″ diameter blooms)

Globemaster allium are available in Canada from late May into June (late spring early summer), incidentally at the same time as peonies, which are a great companion for this flower!!…Exhibit A…….

So how does this whimsical fella look like in a bridal bouquet?

well for starters it look fabulous on its on as a statement (source) or maybe for your flower girls as a ‘wand’?

at this blog, the bride loves it for its scented addition to her bouquet

Or, you might like the significance that it is a vegetable…here is gorgeous mixed bouquet with all the flowers  from the vegetable family (for all you ‘foodie’ couples out there!)

And what about those arrangements? Allium are fun, whimsical and on their own can look architectural.

source: blueskyflowers

source: karaandgroomzilla
This next one would look lovely either side of the bride and groom for a ceremony.

Just for something different I saw these ball of loveliness hung from strings at one event and it looks amazing….also just as fun, placing them in test tubes so they last that little bit longer …..


….for a corporate event they are striking….

and one more inspiration…these allium inspired cute invites for a wedding by Two For Joy Paper.

Although purple is the predominant colour, the range of colors is choice, from true blue, dark purple, pink, and white. They can last more than two weeks if you use floral preservative and change the water every few days.


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At the moment I am loving a soft romantic bouquets and arrangements that include corals, peaches, blush pinks, silvers and greys. This colour scheme is timeless, feminine and subtle. It says wedding without the harshness of a stark white colour palette.

Sigh! They make me so happy.

Here is a selection of bouquets that a think have such a gorgeous mix of these colours and a posie so relaxed and fuss-free they look as though brides have swooped them from the garden themselves…love!!!!!

flowers by Amandas wedding shop

flowers by poppies and posies

Next up are some images from the amazingly talented lady Joy thigpen….her designs, selections and pairings are an inspiration to me

I love the soft complimentary ribbon on this bouquet, I think a bronze ribbon would be equally beautiful!

flowers by flowerwild

flowers by hanafloraldesign

flowers by serendipity

flowers by clementine

I think I am zeroing in on this colour scheme for my own wedding! It lends itself to a fancy wedding and also to more of my style- a more rustic barn wedding teamed with some beautiful natural wood tables and candlelight…sigh!!!

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We did 8 weddings the weekend just gone…..I am tired but happy….The fridge is full to the brim of surplus peonies!

These flowers are a favourite with almost every bride and customer and there is no wonder why. They are so soft and romantic yet have a real casualness in their beauty. An added bonus is the soft scent and reasonable vase life (proper care- lasting up to 7 days)

Some bouquet picks of mine using this stunning flower….

I am drawn toward using a peony as a more romantic casual bouquet but below are some stunning mixed arrangements using the peony…delightful

love these colours and the wedding…found here

stunning detail on this bouquet (silver blue looks great with soft pink peonies!) image source

and this wedding is peony perfection!

The colours can be traditional in white and blush pinks… to a more girly wedding with soft pinks and fushias and they even come in a fun and vibrant array of yellows, deep reds, , and who can forget the ridiculously gorgeous coral and salmon colours I have seen!

pink twig floral boutique

A simple arrangement from Once Wed

and now for a wild standard arrangement I love!

image source

These highly sought after flowers and in Canada are available from March through August, with peak season being April, May and June. Many white varieties bloom early in the season. In Australia we are not so lucky… from all information I can get so far,  these beauties are available for a a limited time between late october and mid january!

Oh and one more thing…we used these flowers for bridesmaids last year. Rather than carrying a bouquet, we made a huge dress corsage using a single peony…stunning!

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The sun is out and the lilacs are in full bloom….a sure sign that spring is (finally) here! Only available for a few weeks, they are one of my favorites!! I love lilacs as a wedding flower but due to my wedding date in May, sadly this is not an option for me. I do plan to however fill my house with bundles of these beautiful stems and bask in the beautiful scent that will fill my home!

image source : savouringsimplicity

Indigenous to Europe and Asia, the Lilac grows as bush, and the romantic flower clusters burst along the ends of solid stems. The fresh hues delight in white, violet, blue, lilac, pink, magenta and purple. They are typically available in the spring and sometimes onwards into the summer months. In Canada, where i currently live, that means our shop is full of sweet smelling lilacs at the moment. Back home in Australia, you will have to wait a while as they wont appear until sometime between September and Febuary.

In any arrangement they have an elegant presence. Personally I love the relaxed feel, touch of whimsy or even rustic and romantic vibe they can add to any arrangement.

image source : stylemepretty

image source: brendasweddingblog

image source : oncewed

As a centrepiece it as beautiful in its simplicity alone, as it is mixed with other flowers

The saddest news is that the Lilac is not a particularly long lasting flower. As a cut flower, out of a controlled cooler environment, it longevity is a mere 3-5 days at best. So with the few short weeks that Lilacs are here with us, here are a couple of tips to help get the most from them…..

  • Water!!!!!! They are a very thirsty flower. Some people like to crush the woody stems, but for me, I prefer to recut the stems often and place them in lukewarm water that is changed regularly (every two days) Dont place them in floral foam, this just blocks the water getting to them
  • Cut Lilacs do not love the heat, so please take care not to place them in the hot afternoon sunlight….Sorry brides, an eloborate outdoor wedding in the hot sun does not equal happy Lilac centrepieces!

In the language of flowers, Lilacs can symbolise the first emotions of love. Well, here is one person who experiences the emotions of love every year this beautiful flower appears in spring!

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