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Rustic weddings are growing in popularity and that makes me happy. I adore a rustic wedding and am actually planning one myself, so it is no surprise that when searching for inspirational images of rustic bridal bouquets I fell in love again and again each new image I found.

Its fun, whimsical, country, garden….it can mean so many things and can take on a whole range of colour schemes. But one thing a rustic bouquet definitely is, is relaxed, never stuffy or formal in any way.

One trend that could denote a rustic bouquet is leaving the stems long and on show


Alternatively you could wrap your long stems, bringing a rustic vibe into your day via the choice of ribbon

a common material is burlap as seen on this bouquet and the one below by Sage designs

Twine or rope would also work beautifully


You could even go one step further than just the wrap and choose a significant adornment to attach to the stems (images via the weddingofmydreams)

A hankerchief with your wedding date date stitched in

A locket

Rosery beads…or just a pretty brooch or pendant that you love!

Mismatched bouquets for your bridesmaids is also a nice touch at any rustic wedding


A rustic bouquet can be created through the simplicity of only one type of flower, gathered in a natural looking bundle as if scooped from the garden or side of the road…

A wheat bouquet would be perfect for a fall wedding aswell. The second bouquet is by the talented Carissa from JL designs, image found via  stephaniewilliamsphotography

Another beautiful rustic bouquet by Jl designs

dried lavender bouquet found via bridalbuds

For the lucky spring bride who happens to be in lilac season this mixture of lilac and eucalyptus is so romantic! source

And whoever thought babys breath could look so cute?

wedding chicks

But if you cant decide on one flower, not to worry….rustic bouquets are just SO delightful as a mixed bunch of small and big flowers, focusing more on colour and texture for the overall effect!!

And because a rustic wedding will most likely be in a barn or a venue with alot of masculine elements such as heavy, natural materials and timber, my preference for a mixed rustic bouquet is to play off that feel with a more feminine floral arrangement in subtle, more romantic colours. Soft greys, silvers and blues used in the foliage are also the perfect contrast for these types of flowers. Dusty miller and eucalyptus would be my top picks.


I love the mix …gold/twine/rustic…very glammed up rustic! source

not normally a teardrop bouguet kinda gal…. but LOVE!!! found via sparkle and hay

and now how about a full cascading bouquet? found via ruffled


By flower hardware this bouquet is a mix of white flowers including combines white flowers including antique garden roses, sweet peas, clematis, and scabiosa.

LOVE LOVE LOVE those colours! found via greenweddingshoes



and what is a post about one of my favourite themes without an inspirational bouquet by one of my favourite floral designers?! This beautiful bouquet is by Meg at La Partie Events

It is obvious rustic is BIG nowadays. Most bouquets I see on the blogs across the net, I have realized, could be translated as rustic. So if this is your dream, don’t get caught in the specifics, just relax with an organically styled natural bouquet and consider perhaps suggesting long stems, one favorite garden flower of yours, a particular wrap, a special adornment or brooch, or just a mix match of subtle and feminine garden flowers gathered together.


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I would imagine that a huge fields of sunflowers is one of the most beautiful things to see, but as a wedding flower it needs careful styling.

I love the yellow, I love its bold appearance and for its size the sunflower is inexpensive thats for sure. However, in the flower shop I work at, there is general dislike for this flower. I personally want to find some extra inspiration to show me how this flower has been incorporated into wedding in a fun,classy and modern way. Overall, I see it working in a rustic fun wedding theme.

It is adds a nice fall/autumn or summer look to a wedding and when using it the colour scheme should stay warm and sunny. Varying shades of yellow look good with sunflowers, as do browns and greens and greys… and as always there are no hard and fast rules, the contrast of the coral and teal colours in the wedding below suit the sunflower (and couple) perfectly!!   in the now

In my searching I have realised I prefer the flower on its own, it makes such a statement solo it doesn’t need the fussyness of too many other flowers. It also keeps the look fun,  with a touch of rustic home spun feel. (without the tacky ‘country bumpkin’ look) The images below I found at country living and they walk the country line beautifully and manage to stay rustic but still modern and fresh.

Cute mix of blue and yellow and the lemons! I just WISH they had taken the time to stick in cute name labels rather than write on the lemon in black marker?!!!

(On a side note I am on the hunt for these bamboo disposable plates and cutlery…awesome classy idea for an laid back event!)

As a tall centrepiece, you could also put them in a tall glass vase with the long sturdy stems visible. This has been done time and time again (especially in my home town of Perth) Don’t love, but I think it could be updated with a bundle of twine around it to give it a ‘finished’ and considered look (It IS a wedding!)

Talking of twine, I think twine and sunflowers could be best friends…just look at the inspiration from this wedding from amanada pair  (Cuuuute couple….and do love that the look is kept simple at the ceremony with greenery so the focus is in the bouquets)

Just a few sunflowers together also make a very simple bouquet. Wedding at The dior

And if you have a bit more money to burn, this Manzanita branch with bundles of sunflowers and candle votives takes you from day to night, and is sure to make the guests talk! (by Valley Forge Flowers–meaning to go back to this website and check out their gorgeous flower gallery!)

Oh, and finally some really cute pew markers…found here

I feel so happy after this post…sunflowers do work……

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