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Well this weekend has been rough. I was on delivery to a wedding that had a $10,000 flower budget…thats right…$10,000 just on flowers alone.

Plus about 6 more weddings across this weekend. I find it highly stressful. Let me rephrase….. I absolutely LOVE making the arrangements, I LOVE delivering and transforming the venue…. but…I don’t like the stressfulness in the shop- and being an employee, especially being new to floristry, I am always on eggshells trying to be fast, to be thorough, to do it right….plus I didnt even like the cenetrepieces for the big wedding. The concept doesnt bother me (a ball of flowers on top of a tall vase) actually I kinda like that look for a traditional and more elaborate wedding.  BUT, the type of vase, the choice of flowers and the colours just did nothing for me.  Personally, I thought it was rather ugly. Definetly not my taste, so I want to find some inspirational pictures of ball arrangements on vases that do inspire me!

found here

found here

the last two images found here

Lets just say, this has been a harder task then I would have imagined. The ones above dont blow me away but they all have elements that I like. The last one in particular is unique and beautiful…and I think the one above would look fabulous in an outdoor marquee wedding in the springtime.

Maybe its the mood I am in, but I really wanted to share examples that blow me away beautiful (especially since these guys aren’t cheap!)….I will now be on the lookout for any pictures of tall ball of flower centre pieces so I can share!



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