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I Love big showy bouquets at the moment, organically styled with a natural mix of colours and textures and Emmas bridal bouquet shown on once wed is GORGEOUS!

A beautiful mix of what could include seeded eucalyptus, ferns, lilac,babys breath, echeveria, Lisianthus, ranunculus, veronica….


and wait until you see the bridesmaids!

You all know i am a sucker for mismatched and this gets me on that one. But it is the simplicity, size and styling of the girls bouquets that allows Emmas bridal bouquet to remain the clear focal point despite being much more subtle in colouring.

Looks like a cute mix of seeded eucalyptus, burplerum, ranunculus, hypernicum, fern and succulents. The girls different brightly coloured dresses all seem to show of the simple bouquets differently.

Now i have shown off her beautiful bridal bouquets….a quick look at the rest of her floral/plant styling!

From the photos it looks like Emma put a real focus on the big bouquets by keeping all other florals to a minimum. Nothing for the man, and her centrepieces were a simple grouping of cactus plants paired with some cute decorative tiles and perfect table cards.

…..and the moss table for the seating cards fits perfectly within the theme and looks so lush and unique!!!!

If you cant afford or dont want the whole wedding overflowing with flowers, perhaps Emmas idea of choosing a focus is the way to go. (And what better way than putting the money into the bridal bouquet?! I mean it will be in every photo and with you when everyone sees you for the very first time!) That way, it wont look like you have spread the money thin in the floral decor department and people will always remember and talk about the amazing statement that you made with your beautiful big bouquet!


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