A couple of posts ago, I touched on using herbs (more specifically lavender) at your wedding as a beautiful scented element to your wedding day. (Wedding sights,sounds…..and scents?)

I have been thinking about this idea alot, and how potted herbs as a centrepiece would work. I have come to the conclusion that  really like the idea for the right type of event. It would add a really rustic, country feel to the wedding spread. Imagine if your food complimented the herbs so guests could pick seasoning for their meal straight from the plants in front of them! OK ok, the last idea might is a little crazy, and you would have to have plants completely free of pesticide……but you have to agree its a nice utopian idea anyway!

Idealism aside, I think it could be a really great ‘wallet friendly’ option for brides and also can double as a favor that guests can take home with them. (This post has some cute DIY  lace and burlap herb favors  as shown below)

I have done some searching to see whats out there to inspire me and you!

jules wedding ideas

will you marry moi

I love the lemons in this image too…very Mediterranean

If you want a really simple, and rustic look this wedding featured on once wed went very basic incorporating herbs into the decor. I think its great that the ‘green thumb’  grandma helped with them all too!

Herbs are a cheaper option from a  florist than floral centrepieces…but I think it is a definite DIY option if you have the space, the time and are laid back enough to accept that there will be some deaths amongst your brood of beautiful herbs in the lead up the big day!

When purchasing the herbs, look for small plants in a variety of colors, heights and textures. Sage has a beautiful grey green colour,  thyme are pretty low plants, and rosemary not only adds height, but smells DELICIOUS, and also has a beautful soft colouring in my opinion. Chives, lavender and chamomile all have the potential to add a floral element (check the seasonality) Chamomile looks delightful mixed with vases of poms and peonies at this wedding below I found on once wed

If you cant get the seasonality right with flowering herbs, it would be extra special to mix in some vases of flowers to the grouping just to freshen it up. The extra cost would be worth it I think.

The best post i have found so far that shows how to use herbs at a wedding in a modern and classic way is on project wedding…I love how the photoshoot uses repitition to their advantage for this table spread.  Incorporating the herb into a few elements is gold and with a backdrop of natural fabrics and whites keeps the focus on the beautiful fresh green colour of the herb . I also think it makes a world of difference that the herbs look so  healthy and lush!

I do adore the one above, and other images I have found but I do have to say, I was really hoping to find just a couple of crazy big ideas using herbs…. ones that scream wedding!!! I know that would take it out of the ‘economical/DIY’ category, but its always nice to have a some crazy inspiration. So if you know of any weddings or events where this has been done please send the link or image, I would love to see it and share…I believe the humble herb has it in them to become a feature that really holds its own!!

If you do choose this as your own DIY option, remember to have fun!!!!,  perhaps have a backup plan, and most of all enjoy the process of mixing and matching ….you never know you might discover a green thumb!!


I obvviously have a thing for large flowers at the moment but lately I have been loving the huge Dinner plate dahlias in the cooler!

I used them this week for a feminine arrangement….

So how about using these as a wedding flower?

Here I was thinking they would be too big and delicate but I was overwhelmed with the array of amazing bouquets out there…I think I have a new flower crush!

Here are some amazing bouquets sourced for yours (and mine) viewing pleasure!


vineyard gazette


This beautiful bouquet used dinner plate dahlia, scabiosa, tweedia, and delphinium …all wrapped in natural twine! I found this simple beauty at the floral lab

The next few images I found via Lovely little details blog….(on a side note, this is a great little site to explore)

Yumiko Fletcher of Hana floral design created this stunning bouquet.  The bride was so smitten with her bouquet!  It is a lovely little post on sparkle and hay that shows how much your bouquet can add to your whole day and experience!

The dahlia caters to a bide who prefers a clean, classic white look…but still wnats to stand out from the crowd. The flowers above found at Elizabeth Ann design blog

the bouquet in the images above are designed by the talented little floral team at poppies and posies

…and I normally dont like long trailing things coming out of a bouquet! but this bouquet by Martha Andrews just makes my heart swoon!

I lOVE the work by la partie events…and she has not let me down with the dinner plate dahlia bouquet! This girl is forever a source of inspiration to me

So there you have it…The feminine yet still so funky Dinner plate dahlia.

I could keep going on forever but I think it is a becoming a little obsessive this sifting through so many gorgeous images of dinner plate dahlias…I have to stop somewhere! I focussed only on the bouquets this time but dont you worry…I will be back looking at them in many other aspects of a wedding…sigh they are so delightful

So to follow up my last post,  and to brighten up this overcast afternoon, I thought I would share a simple little arrangement I put together today with sunflowers, craspedia balls and some rolled aspidistra…brightens up the coffee table perfectly!

I would imagine that a huge fields of sunflowers is one of the most beautiful things to see, but as a wedding flower it needs careful styling.

I love the yellow, I love its bold appearance and for its size the sunflower is inexpensive thats for sure. However, in the flower shop I work at, there is general dislike for this flower. I personally want to find some extra inspiration to show me how this flower has been incorporated into wedding in a fun,classy and modern way. Overall, I see it working in a rustic fun wedding theme.

It is adds a nice fall/autumn or summer look to a wedding and when using it the colour scheme should stay warm and sunny. Varying shades of yellow look good with sunflowers, as do browns and greens and greys… and as always there are no hard and fast rules, the contrast of the coral and teal colours in the wedding below suit the sunflower (and couple) perfectly!!   in the now

In my searching I have realised I prefer the flower on its own, it makes such a statement solo it doesn’t need the fussyness of too many other flowers. It also keeps the look fun,  with a touch of rustic home spun feel. (without the tacky ‘country bumpkin’ look) The images below I found at country living and they walk the country line beautifully and manage to stay rustic but still modern and fresh.

Cute mix of blue and yellow and the lemons! I just WISH they had taken the time to stick in cute name labels rather than write on the lemon in black marker?!!!

(On a side note I am on the hunt for these bamboo disposable plates and cutlery…awesome classy idea for an laid back event!)

As a tall centrepiece, you could also put them in a tall glass vase with the long sturdy stems visible. This has been done time and time again (especially in my home town of Perth) Don’t love, but I think it could be updated with a bundle of twine around it to give it a ‘finished’ and considered look (It IS a wedding!)

Talking of twine, I think twine and sunflowers could be best friends…just look at the inspiration from this wedding from amanada pair  (Cuuuute couple….and do love that the look is kept simple at the ceremony with greenery so the focus is in the bouquets)

Just a few sunflowers together also make a very simple bouquet. Wedding at The dior

And if you have a bit more money to burn, this Manzanita branch with bundles of sunflowers and candle votives takes you from day to night, and is sure to make the guests talk! (by Valley Forge Flowers–meaning to go back to this website and check out their gorgeous flower gallery!)

Oh, and finally some really cute pew markers…found here

I feel so happy after this post…sunflowers do work……

I found a lovely little post on Inspired floral.

As someone who is entering her second wedding season as a florist, I can see so many truths in this post and really enjoyed reading it! So here it is…

I’m not dead. It could easily be said that’s a reference to the 12+ months I’ve taken off from blogging, or the fact that I worked so many crazy hours in 2010 that my family may have forgotten who I am. Nope. That’s a cry out to myself that I’m still in here…. me – Katie.

I don’t know that it’s possible to sum up the entire year and all that’s happened without utterly boring you to death. Perhaps in quick summation I can tell you that I designed some of the largest and most creative weddings and events yet. I brought in new hands to help with designing and in July said goodbye to the privilege of working with my dear friend Anne every week as she returned to finishing her degree (go girl!!).  I moved the design studio out of my tiny basement to an amazing studio space. My preferred local wholesaler closed their doors abruptly and in the process I was forced to quickly learn some major lessons in sourcing and pricing great product. I’ve learned what sheer exhaustion feels like having to break down an event until 4:30 in the morning. I’ve learned the importance of a working GPS system. I’ve learned to always double check that the bride hasn’t changed the ceremony to an hour earlier since the last time we spoke. I’ve learned to strongly encourage a bride to avoid tall centerpieces when the dining tables are on an uneven lawn. I’ve learned that I’m really terrible at keeping up with email in the middle of wedding season. I’ve learned that I have a lot to learn when it comes to letting go and not trying to control every little thing. I’ve learned that when the power is out in a venue with no windows, my cell phone makes a great flashlight to setup by. I’ve learned the importance of water-proof shoes when setting up in a torrential rain. I’ve learned the importance of managing client expectations of exactly what they are (and are not) getting for their money. I’ve learned the importance of really loving this job… because when the novelty wears off, it takes a lot of passion and determination to work so hard and stay committed to doing the very best job I can for my clients and myself.

2010 was a year of LOTS of growing pains and great successes. But most importantly it was a year of learning the value of me and what I bring to the table. I realized that I had gotten lost in trying to be everything to everyone… bidding to win the job not to be the right designer for the job. A little bit of the soul of what made my business special was suffering. Any florist in the city can sell you flowers and plop them in a vase. The value of what I offer is my time, my creativity and my desire to truly use my talents to love all over my client’s wedding day. If I lose sight of that, I need to close the doors and go back to my 9-5 job. Not only do my clients deserve my best, I deserve my best. So expect great things from me. I do.

2011 will be a year of taking back the reigns on this machine. I will be taking fewer weddings to allow for more time with each client and more balance in my personal life. I will be charging a reasonable rate for my products and services without apologizing for it. I will be giving this business it’s voice back by continuing to blog not only the work I’m producing but offering my insights on the industry and sharing creative ideas for taking a design from concept to completion. I will be seeking out education and mentoring from talented designers both locally and from around the country. And I will find some cuter clothes and shoes to work in, damn it!

Those of you who found me and followed me in 2007/2008 will recognize the old Katie. Those of you who know me from 2009/2010… you’ll like this Katie much better. I’m not dead. In fact, I’m better than ever. I am refocused, re-energized and renewed in my naive belief that I can do and have whatever I want out of myself. I want this business to work and I want to be a great designer. This time, I actually know what I’m getting into!!

I have spoken a little about my love of peach coloured flowers in a wedding,…I could see myself as peach/apricot bride, but at the flower shop, these brides seem to be the hardest to please! Peach is such a varied range of colours, it could be a bit more orange, it could be a bit more pink….

This past weekend at work we had a peach bride and she was not happy with her bouquets…. so here we were, 10mins before they walk down the aisle,  madly remaking bouquets!! Not something I would recommend for anyones stress levels!! She didnt think that the flowers were ‘peach’ coloured, so opted to exchange flowers for a white option.

Now, the consensus i am getting from my workplace is that there just isnt many options for peach flowers. I understand that it is a difficult to define colour but since I am madly in love this coloured flower, I want to to do some digging around to see what potential peach(ish) flowers exist for all you future peach brides!

Well, first up would have to be the rose, a elegant option year round.

Varieties below found at fifty flowers


Versilia (Blown)

Creamy peach/ peachy surprise sweetheart rose

donna peach rose


Prima donna

Cinnamon Peach



Personally, I prefer the look of the garden rose…it suits peach so much!!!

These different varieties I found at a whole blossoms

Juliet Garden Rose (my fav!!! love its shape and texture, just look at those ruffles!)

Caramel Antique Garden Rose Peach Cream

Other flowers that have a peach appearance…

Mozart peach mini calla



mini carnations




Hypernicum berries

And for another of my favourite flowers… Dahlias…in peach!!!


Ball Dahlias

There are many other flowers and varieties that can pass as peach but depending on mother nature, lighting, what they are paired with and personal opinion…anyone could disagree! Im sure you will agree that ‘peach’ can mean so many colours and I now understand why it is so hard to please a peach bride!

I am starting to believe that peach in a wedding should be selected with another colour…like peach and creams, or peach and yellows and peach whites….as this colour flower tends to have a tinge of something else in each shade. And I prefer a mix of different flowers for texture and best effect. Here is a little peach inspiration to finish off…

The next 3 images are from the sweetest occasion. Love this wedding

I think the moral of the story is that if you see yourself as a peach/ apricot bride…remember all these images and remember how peach can mean so many different things! But personally, I think if its what you want, its worth persevering!…I know I will! (Just arm yourself with an image of what you want, aim for the ‘look or feel’ and try to be forgiving on the day as mother nature doesn’t always conform to your colour chart!)

A scent is a magical thing, its has an a ability to allow me to time travel back into a place from my childhood, or to last week or even bring my late mother back for a second when I catch a whiff of her favourite perfume. I would like to think that at my wedding there will be a pleasant scent, hopefully common, but distinctive enough that when someone catches it, they are reminded of the fun night celebrating our special day.

I like the idea of eucalyptus leaves on the dance floor….(I am Australian so these are easy to get, free and so much a part of home)…so as people carve it up on the dance floor, the scent fills the air…. Also throwing dried scented leaves or flowers instead of confetti would be perfect out an outdoor wedding.

Herbs would also be an easy way to add a scent to the day. Rosemary, mint, lemon grass…all would work great. Another lovely herb could be lavender, I just came across some images this afternoon from Polkadotbride.com

Alot of dried lavender bouquets I have seen, have a very straight up and down look. This can look ok, but personally, with dried lavender, I prefer a chunkier bridal bouquet just because the flowers are so delicate. The way some of the flower springs poke outwards and weep a little in the above image, also gives the bouquet some softness and movement usually lacking from a lavender bouquet.

Here is a couple of images I found of dried lavender boutonnieres…. love the simplicity, but i do think if your guys are large or are wearing black suits (which most do!), the lavender could get lost…I think I would add a backing of some sort to make it stand out more. The top bout, does that with a little piece of dusty miller.

These mini lavender table settings are cute too! If you stuck two pins on it everyone would get their own corsage two! (just take care no pins get left on the plates!)Below is a couple of images showing dried lavender as chair ties and mixed with purple hydrangea in pew markers

 There is just so many possibilities to the idea of making your wedding more that just sight and sound but also scent! I hope you enjoyed my quick sampling of using dried lavender… but just imagine the possibilities with everyother type of scented flowers/ foliage out there!!

Oh, and why not send everyone home with their own scented herb plant at the end of the night….? so simple, so lovely!