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Following my obsession with Brittany’s over sized paper flower bouquet, I decided I would see what oversized flowers Mother nature has given us in case I still wanted to go with the same idea but using a real bloom ( I cant help it, I am a sucker for fresh flowers!)

Make way for the King Protea!

This stunning flower is originally from Cape Town South Africa and can get to 12 inches across…no wonder it is their national flower!

In the home they could be used as clean and  simply as this arrrangement above and they have the strength to be a stand alone flower, which is my definite preference with the King Protea. However I dont mind them being featured in arrangements if used appropriately.

I would have put this arrangement in a taller vase and I think it would work just as well in a clear vase as the grey one. A blue vase would be appropriate for a more daring space (and client!) but would look awesome

The two arrangements above suit a corporate environment in my opinion.

The colour palette of this bloom is divine, it is sturdy and will NEVER go unnoticed! Which makes it a perfect wedding flower for those searching for something very different. Once again, my preference is for them to be used solo. I find them way too dominant and harsh mixed with other flowers…. but alone? MmmmMMMMmmm!!

My inspiration pictures start with a wedding from the lovely city of Melbourne.. in my opinion the king protea is a perfect flower for a an Australian wedding and really adds a rustic vibe to the whole occasion. The pink is soft and girlie but the structure of this flower keeps the wedding from falling into sugar sweet land.  I found the wedding via polkadotbride but the masterminds behind this amazing creation is  glasshaus nursery.

To me, this is most well put together wedding bouquet i have seen featuring a king protea and the bridesmaid bouquet is the perfect compliment…congrats glasshaus

image source

image from Dellables

This beauty can be harvested most of the year with peak seasons in Australia during Spring, Summer and Autumn.


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The sun is out and the lilacs are in full bloom….a sure sign that spring is (finally) here! Only available for a few weeks, they are one of my favorites!! I love lilacs as a wedding flower but due to my wedding date in May, sadly this is not an option for me. I do plan to however fill my house with bundles of these beautiful stems and bask in the beautiful scent that will fill my home!

image source : savouringsimplicity

Indigenous to Europe and Asia, the Lilac grows as bush, and the romantic flower clusters burst along the ends of solid stems. The fresh hues delight in white, violet, blue, lilac, pink, magenta and purple. They are typically available in the spring and sometimes onwards into the summer months. In Canada, where i currently live, that means our shop is full of sweet smelling lilacs at the moment. Back home in Australia, you will have to wait a while as they wont appear until sometime between September and Febuary.

In any arrangement they have an elegant presence. Personally I love the relaxed feel, touch of whimsy or even rustic and romantic vibe they can add to any arrangement.

image source : stylemepretty

image source: brendasweddingblog

image source : oncewed

As a centrepiece it as beautiful in its simplicity alone, as it is mixed with other flowers

The saddest news is that the Lilac is not a particularly long lasting flower. As a cut flower, out of a controlled cooler environment, it longevity is a mere 3-5 days at best. So with the few short weeks that Lilacs are here with us, here are a couple of tips to help get the most from them…..

  • Water!!!!!! They are a very thirsty flower. Some people like to crush the woody stems, but for me, I prefer to recut the stems often and place them in lukewarm water that is changed regularly (every two days) Dont place them in floral foam, this just blocks the water getting to them
  • Cut Lilacs do not love the heat, so please take care not to place them in the hot afternoon sunlight….Sorry brides, an eloborate outdoor wedding in the hot sun does not equal happy Lilac centrepieces!

In the language of flowers, Lilacs can symbolise the first emotions of love. Well, here is one person who experiences the emotions of love every year this beautiful flower appears in spring!

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